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Each panel in a story board shows the shot, or what characters or scene elements are in the frame, information about the scene and context, and whatever dialog or audio goes with the scene. Ours tend to be relatively informal with a sketched drawing of each scene and some notes. There are varying degrees of information in storyboards, but the general rules is there needs to be one panel for every shot and/or line of dialog.

  • The Storyboard of My Life, Robert Castillo (2004)
  • You can draw storyboards or download templates and edit them digitally.

    Image vs. Text/Speech/Sound

    Types of shots

    Wide shot

    Medium shot

    Over the shoulder shot

    Shot reverse shot

    Close up shot

    Point of view (POV) shot

    Tracking shot

    Pan shot

    Zoom and dolly shots

    Low angle shot