Introduction to Digital Video

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Camera obscura, precedent for photography


Zoetrope and other early mechanical inventions work on the persistence of vision optical illusion, where we see movement in between a series of still images flashing faster than a certain rate.

Thaumotrope example

1870, Eadward Muybridge uses multiple cameras to capture motion

1889, first commercial film roll is produced, leading to Thomas Edison's motion picture camera in 1891.

1895, Lumiere brothers invent first portable camera

Before 20th Century, film is considered experimental medium, visual art.

The introduction of sound in the 1920s leads the way for the popularization of the medium.

Studio system

  • Introduction of sound turns film into a big industry
  • Hollywood's "Golden Era" begins in 1927
  • Producers control film creation, production and distribution
  • Film development stages

  • Development - Producer finds script, outlines story, script is rewritten, reworked
  • Pre-Production - Budget, storyboards, art department, actors cast, sets built
  • Production - Filming, dailies, blocking, script continuity
  • Post-Production - Development, editing, processing film
  • Rise of auteur, 1960s

  • Studio system dominates until 1960 when further technological innovation allows films to be shot on location
  • Breathless (1960)

    Shoot the Piano Player (1960)

    Midnight Cowboy (1969)

    1967, Sony release Portapak, commercial portable video recorder

    Nam June Paik, first video artist